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Bad Lots

“Very rarely do bidding wars erupt over houses that back up to the interstate….” In other words….beware the bad lot. If a house backs to a roadway or power lines (or strip mall or railroad track or BMP….) be VERY careful about building your house there.  Typically, the builder or developer has not discounted the […]

Beauty and Character in 4 Easy Points

by Jon Rasich of Bellevue Homes At Bellevue Homes, we make a bold claim: we build homes that are both higher-performing and have more character than our competition. In essence, we believe that you deserve a home that is both beautiful and smart. In our last post, we laid out a comprehensive list of the reasons that a Bellevue Home performs at […]

The Highlands Defines Itself

Many subdivisions lack the ability to tell the market what they are about.  Some offer a pool.  Some offer walking trails.  Some even offer TWO pools….but at the end of the day, they are really not easily distinguishable from one another as the community center, lot size, home designs and builders are all remarkably similar. […]

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