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Building a New House from A to Z and then back to D…..

Have you ever really thought about the steps it really takes to build a house? Here is a breakdown of roughly the 30 steps it takes to construct a new home. Clearing Rough Grading Stone installation for Driveway Footing Layout by Engineer Dig Engineered Footing Pour Footing Engineer Sets Brick Points Foundation Block & Brick […]

Beauty and Character in 4 Easy Points

by Jon Rasich of Bellevue Homes At Bellevue Homes, we make a bold claim: we build homes that are both higher-performing and have more character than our competition. In essence, we believe that you deserve a home that is both beautiful and smart. In our last post, we laid out a comprehensive list of the reasons that a Bellevue Home performs at […]

What is a Single Hung Window versus a Double Hung?

Windows are an integral part of your new home and it is important to understand the differences. A single hung window is a more affordable window that only has one workable sash (meaning only the bottom part goes up). Usually this type of window does not have wooden trim surrounding the window and they will […]

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