Find Your New Home, courtesy of One South Realty

Simply put, building a home is different than buying one.

When you are looking to build a home from scratch or buy a home in the process of being built, the rules change dramatically and the role of the agent changes with it. While I think each of us finds the appeal of a new home powerful, the realities are that builders are very good at what they do and the buyers of new homes are often at a disadvantage. It is for this reason that representation matters greatly.

When we opened One South, it was with the express intent of providing our clients with quality representation based on years of experience. Having sat on both sides of the table means a unique perspective when it comes to construction. The knowledge gained in our decades of representation is what we share with those we represent.

The site breaks down the new home market in Metro Richmond all the while giving you tips and tricks to dealing with the builders and developers to help you get the best deal possible when buying your new home.

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Rick Jarvis
Founder, One South Realty Group