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The Dreaded Change Order

Buyer – “All we did was add a $100 ceiling fan?!?” Builder – “You didn’t just add a ceiling fan.” What really happens when you want to make a change? When contracting to build a new home it is very important to get all the upgrades and changes to the standard house plan agreed to […]

Hardwood Floors

“Hardwood floors are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home” Buyer – “Look at the hardwood floors…. they are beautiful!” Seller – “Cha-ching” It is the most common refrain from almost any buyer when they see wood floors (of ANY age) that have been well maintained. Not only do they add a […]

Beware the ‘Unique and Expensive’

“Make the permanent things in your new home universally appealing and have fun with things that are easy to change.” Cabinetry, wood flooring and granite are expensive and hard to change. Paint colors, light fixtures and carpet, while not cheap, are far easier to change. Creating a look or feel that is unique (contemporary/modern/eclectic) can […]

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